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What happens when Visual Poetry and Visual Language come vis-a-vis or face to face?

For my final project as a Visual Communication student at the London College of Communication, I pitted two diverse subject areas, English Poetry and Graphic Design against each-other to create a publication that hopes to provide a different lens to view the two subjects. Considering the visual nature of Imagist poems, I found that they could seamlessly be integrated with subjects of my course, specifically — typography, color and visual language and grammar. Can design alter our perceptions in order to appreciate a literary genre lost in the mists of time?


This interactive publication presents you with a new lens to view the two together – french folded, with cards that slide out to reveal poems by prominent poets of the Imagist era accompanied by illustrative depictions on the spreads. It hopes to celebrate the genre’s unique style with design and to bridge the gap between Graphic Design and English Literature – two disciplines I admire. 

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