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Presenting Vavy: the first platform dedicated to women's health in Madagascar.

Keeping up with the ethos of the platform, it was integral for the branding to be harmonious, feminine, bold and approachable. We also envisioned this brand to be contemporary in its look and feel to resonate with up-to-date, world-class standards in the field. Hence the logo harps on a delicate tulip shape stylised to form the brand initial. Open to multiple interpretations - it also resonates with the motif of birds and even the heart. All of these symbols echo beauty, liberation and warmth, making this an accessible safe space. 

With an endeavour as novel as this, bringing in the powerful, vivacious magenta shade as the primary brand colour was fitting. To complement it, I devised a varied colour palette with analogous shades, supplementing it with a fusion of warm and cool colours. It was imperative for the colours to resonate with the friendly yet mature essence of the brand. The brand language also incorporates elegant, minimal illustrations which make the narrative even more inviting and palatable. The usage of rounded, clean, modern sans-serif fonts facilitate easy content consumption. 

The brand identity was taken further with the creation of Instagram templates, utilising the unique, characteristic palette. 

Vavy has already started making a difference via its Instagram page (@vavymada).

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